Friday, December 30, 2011

Tems Discovery Training - Std and Pro

1 Introduction
1.1 What is TEMS Discovery?
1.2 Package Comparison
1.3 User Interface and Terminology
1.4 Data Organization and Management
1.3 Functional Overview

2 Data Preparation
2.1 Creation of New Project
2.2 Import of Measurement Data
2.3 Import of Cell Configuration
2.4 Import of GIS Map Data
2.5 Data Organization within a Project

3 Data Analysis
3.1 Organization of Layout
3.2 Sorting and Filtering of Data
3.3 Analysis of Measurement Data
3.4 Analysis with Map, Message, Table and Correlation View
3.5 Analysis with Histogram, Sector Statistics and Time Series Chart
3.6 Instant Chart and Point Details

4 Data Extraction and Reporting
4.1 Multi – Dimension Statistic View
4.2 Problem Summary and Analysis Set
4.3 Report Generator
4.4 Exporting Data to Various Formats
4.5 Report Template Builder*
4.6 Script Builder*
4.7 Automatic Data Processing

5 Use Case Handling
5.1 Getting Started
5.2 Preparing measurement data, cell configuration and GIS mapping data
5.3 Checking the network status to detect specific problems
5.4 Sorting and filtering data to specific needs
5.5 Creation of user defined regions and geo binning
5.6 Analyzing data with user-defined analysis sets
5.7 Creation of problem definition to find critical conditions
5.8 Report generation using existing or user-defined report templates
5.9 Creation of user defined conditions to detect conditions in the network

Sunday, December 11, 2011